Control Console

Control console is the core control device of the whole electric control system. It is a new kind of split type metal control console independently designed and developed by our company, whose protection level reaches lP20.

Control Console


For mine shaft, inclined shaft or other places which demand upgrade, it can be used in both new mine installation and transformation of the old mine.


With elegant appearance of the design, it is made up of display unit, two control panels respectively on the left and right.

Display unit mainly refers to human-computer interface, instrument display and alarm part. Human-computer interface displays a general picture of hoist system status (operation mode, speed, location, etc) in the picture, the hoist movement parts (skip, cage or counterbalance) moves as the actual location moves, they can be used in operation, maintenance and production management. Instrument display shows current and voltage of the main loop as well as various alarm lamps for failure operation, etc. Alarm part includes electric bell and buzzer which are used for approaching the end of the pits haft, tripping in hoist machine, and warning.

Button boards on the left and right control panels are the operation part of the control console, mainly composed of by working gateway brake controller, speed controller, emergency stop switch and several turn buttons and buttons. They are responsible for finishing forward and reverse driving, speed giving, working gateway, safety circuit start-up, emergency braking, etc.

Inner left and right control panels are control console PLC, back up protection PLC, adjustable brake module, optical coupling isolation module, language alarm module, relay, miniature circuit breaker, contactor and switching power supply, etc. Hoist control PLC has adopted S7-314+S7-312 programmable controller from Siemens AG, Germany, for the hoist sequence control, torque prediction, positional control, and in the meanwhile provide the necessary signal for PC-based human-computer interface system and the use of various protective functions. Adjustable brake module: conduct gateway control of hydraulic pressure station together with brake handle. Optical coupling isolation module: transmit external signal to the I/O opening of PLC through optical coupling isolation. Language alarm module has provided 20 sections of alarm languages (wire cable looses, deceleration section over speeds, brake block wears away, etc.) Switching power supply: provide independent DC24V power supply for control circuit. Miniature circuit breaker: distribute power for various control parts, the power supply of each part is independent from each other so as to ensure power distribution reliability. Output module of relay: conduct the output control orders sent by PLC.

The system adopts hard-wired safety circuit, where double-monitor loop, emergency stop, converter switch, failure and hoisting limit switch are connected onto a safe relay to control safety brake (by means of auxiliary contact) and transmission circuit. Combine speed stroke detection, current detection, various switch detection, control components and digital display instrument, and then during operation of the hoist, conduct due logic, time and speed control, speed giving according to strokes, closed-loop control of PID speed and safety protection under various circumstances, control action against automated driving and various operation status display.


Digital design: adopts industrial control PLC, characterized by deep instruction, digital speed display, quick digital processing, strong anti-interference capability, high integration, quick response to emergence. Simple logic programming, convenient and swift debugging, parameter setup, control, maintenance, failure diagnosis. Advanced in technology with high reliability, reliable safety protection, long life and free from maintenance.
Redundant design: introduce two sets of programmable controllers (PLC), the main PLC executes all the sequence control for the hoist and logic protection, at the same time provides signal interface of the operation interface. Subordinate PLC monitor hoist operation, which is responsible for deep instruction and backup protection. The whole device has primary and secondary operation for the division, with mutual monitoring and safety redundancy, as a result of ensuring safe operation of the hoist system. Under emergent circumstances, the function of low-speed emergency driving is provided too.
Humanized design: humanized design as the control console has, it has neither visual nor operating fatigue. The monitoring system makes clear the hoist operating parameters, operating status and failure information. Automatic (for the main shaft hoisting), manual, semi-automatic, overhaul operations are simple and reliable. Speed giving provided for the total stroke, and adjustable brake closed-loop control makes the control system safe and reliable as well as easy and convenient in operating.
Easy maintenance: each part, through plug-in connection and standard design of the elements, employs rail fixed methods for convenient installation and maintenance.
High system integration: internally install industrial PC, which supports TCP/IP communication, and enables the real-time information from the control console to be transmitted to the monitor room. Internally install UPS power, when the main power supply fails, the hoist can safely stop.